When it comes to demolition companies,
we’re the Titans.

We handle BIG, complex demolition projects in London and the south. We have a STRONG and mighty in-house team. And our POWER comes from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

All this adds up to one colossal benefit to our customers…
Your projects, however complex and challenging, are safe with our skilled, in-house Titan team.

As London expands and regenerates, so do our services.
We provide specialist planning, project management, and service delivery whether a building is to be demolished, cleared, made safe, or made ready and transformed for repurposing.

If it’s big, our team can handle it.
The question is how? What makes us such an awesome, larger than life, hit-the-ball-out-the-park every time team of demolition professionals?

The answer lies in the fact that we are one Titan team, able to handle any or all aspects of your demolition needs, without subcontracting to personnel outside our control.

It’s also down to our culture of making sure we give nothing but the absolute best service in our power. And that includes showing respect to the environment and the London landscape through sustainable practices and with the recycling of materials a given.

As the projects scale up, so do the risks.

You’ll want to work with a company who takes health and safety as seriously as you do. Well, for us it’s at the very foundation of our service. It’s our duty to protect our team and protect your project. So we have all the up to date training, appropriate insurance, and all the best practice procedures and expertise to keep everyone safe.

You’ve got a schedule, we’re committed to keeping to it.

We know that many projects are against the clock, such is life in construction. We ensure robust project management and operate a well-resourced, highly skilled, employed team. This enables us to work efficiently, meet timelines, solve problems, and maintain good communication with our customers.

You’ve got a lot do to, we have the capacity to handle it.

We know how many elements go into preparing a site for construction. And we know how time consuming it is sourcing multiple quotes and managing multiple suppliers. Enter our multi-skilled team and our varied portfolio of services. We’re big remember! So whatever you need on site, our experts can take it on.

When you choose the Titans for your project in London, you’re in the company of prestigious venues like Harrods, The Dorchester Hotel, The O2 Arena and many more.

Don’t delay your project. The Titans are ready! Call us now to get started.

Why choose the Titans?

1. We have our own vetted and highly skilled team ready to put on your project. We have built a team we trust so that our ability to deliver doesn’t rely on subcontracting.

2. Health and Safety first. It’s not a tick box, it’s the foundation of all our work. Through best practice and training we protect our people and we protect your projects. Health and safety lies at the heart of good performance in our industry.

3. A wide range of services. We know how annoying it is to have to project manage multiple suppliers and service levels. We’ll project manage our own services providing what’s needed at the right point in the project schedule. That’s a load off your mind and your hands. This joined up approach makes for greater speed and efficiency.

4. Fantastic track record. We have successfully handled demolition, clearance, strip outs, groundworks and more for prestigious projects across London. Projects where time and care was of the essence and where we delivered every time.

5. The London landscape is important to us. We want to protect it by playing our part in good environmental practices. So wherever we can recycle materials or improve our sustainability, we do.


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17 Grosvenor Square

New Bridge Street

Haymarket House

Southwark Street

Chapel Street

Quadrant House

You can rely on us for


Ensure you get the best quality work we always do it ourselves and avoid sub-contracting.


Health and safety is the foundation of everything we do. Every demolition we perform is conducted with safety utmost in our minds.

Environmentally conscious

We care about the environment. That’s why we recycle 100% of the waste we clear.

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